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Can You Have a Root Canal Treatment When You’re Pregnant?

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Pregnancy can have you wondering about the health and safety of routine things you wouldn’t have thought twice about before, such as going to the dentist. If you visit the dentist on a twice yearly schedule, there’s a good chance one of your cleaning appointments will happen to fall during your pregnancy. Are dental cleanings safe when you’re pregnant? What about procedures like fillings and root canals

We’ll answer these and other common questions you may have about dental work and pregnancy so you can make sure you’re doing the right thing for yourself and your baby.

Should you visit the dentist to have your teeth cleaned while pregnant?

There’s definitely no reason to avoid having your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office simply because you are pregnant. No part of a routine dental exam and cleaning is dangerous to you or your baby during pregnancy. In fact, there are many reasons that it is a good idea to go to the dentist while you’re pregnant. 

Pregnancy has an effect on your whole body, and that includes your mouth. While the baby is forming inside of you, it will require many vitamins and nutrients in order to grow and develop. And where does the baby get the nutrients it needs? Directly from the mother, including calcium that keeps teeth strong. If you don’t have enough for both you and the baby, your teeth may suffer. As long as you’re taking a prenatal vitamin you should be ok, but your teeth may still be at a greater risk of decay. Morning sickness is another factor that can make your teeth more susceptible to decay, as vomiting can cause stomach acid to erode the enamel on your teeth. 

Visiting the dentist during your pregnancy allows your dentist to detect any of these potential problems early before they become more serious. So keep up with your regular visits.

Is it safe to have dental X-Rays taken during pregnancy?

Another part of your routine dental visits that can be a cause for concern is X-Rays. It is normal to be concerned about getting X-Rays taken during pregnancy, but there’s actually no reason to worry. A led apron will be placed over you and around your neck to protect you and your baby from any radiation, even the very low levels that are used for dental X-Rays. 

Are cavity fillings safe for a pregnant mother and unborn baby?

While dental procedures are safe to undergo during pregnancy, as long as the situation is not serious or emergent, it can probably wait until after the baby is born. Discuss your concerns with your dentist before undergoing any dental procedures and together you can determine if postponing them is a feasible option.

Emergent Cases

The main concern people have about cavity fillings while pregnant is the local anesthetic that is used during the procedure. Many women try to avoid any type of medication during pregnancy. However, there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to local anesthesia. Studies have shown no negative effects on the mother or baby after having dental procedures done with local anesthetics.

Still Have Questions About Root Canals? Tangredi Endodontics Can Help

If you’re pregnant and need a root canal, Tangredi Endodontics can perform the procedure safely so that you and your baby will remain healthy. Have a dental emergency, such as severe pain or a cracked tooth? Tangredi Endodontics is available for emergencies during office hours and will return emergency calls after hours when necessary. 

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