Endodontic Surgery In Garden City, NY

Endodontics is the specific area of dentistry that diagnoses and treats problems with dental pulp (the soft tissue inside of a tooth). Endodontic surgery encompasses the more in-depth procedures that require cutting into the gums to diagnose and correct issues beneath the gum line.

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What is Endodontic Surgery?

In some cases a root canal is not effective in treating a tooth and more in-depth procedures are required, such as endodontic surgery. When a tooth has already undergone a root canal procedure but the problem still persists, endodontic surgery is often the next step. There are many different surgical procedures used to diagnose and cure an infection of the pulp inside of a tooth.

Apicoectomy. The most common type of endodontic surgery is an Apicoectomy. This procedure involves opening the gum tissue around an affected tooth to see what is happening below the gum line. In some cases the root will need to be sealed from underneath the gums to prevent infection or decay. The procedure involves removing the bottom tip of the tooth root and using a filling (retrofill) to seal it off. It can also help to restore bone tissue around the affected tooth.

Retrofill. This is often part of an Apicoectomy. Once the gum tissue is pulled back the endodontist can see if retrofill is needed. If so, the bottom tip of the tooth root is removed and retrofill is used to seal it off.

Hemisection. When a tooth has multiple roots it is sometimes necessary to separate the tooth into two halves. Decay or gum disease can occur between the roots and the hemisection procedure can correct this by removing the damaged bone and root so that it can heal.

Why Might Someone Need Endodontic Surgery?

There are a variety of dental issues that can lead to the need for endodontic surgery, such as:

Severe Decay. When a cavity in a tooth reaches into the pulp inside the tooth and the tooth cannot be saved by a root canal, more in-depth endodontic surgery may be necessary.

Gum Disease. When gum disease goes untreated it can cause damage to pulp of a tooth from below the gum line. This may require endodontic surgery to access the affected portion of the tooth, such as the root.

Cracked Tooth. When a crack in a tooth reaches the inside pulp of the tooth it can cause pain and leave the pulp susceptible to infection and decay. Steps will be taken to prevent damage to the pulp or to remove infected pulp and fill the tooth if necessary.

Dental Trauma. When an injury occurs that causes damage to the teeth, Tangredi Endodontics can help, performing any procedures necessary to restore the teeth that have been subjected to trauma. Endodontics can often save a tooth or multiple teeth that are cracked, broken, or have been knocked out.

Technology Used in Endodontic Surgery

Dr. Matthew Tangredi & Dr. Anthony Salierno provide expert dental care using state of the art technology and today’s advanced microendodontic techniques, including:

  •         CBCT-3D Imaging
  •         Single Use Files
  •         Microscopes
  •         Apex Locaters

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