Cone Beam Scanner

Cone Beam technology provides a digital tomographic 3D view of the patient’s area of interest. A traditional x-ray is only two-dimensional. With Cone Beam systems the doctor is able to get a full 360 degree view of the tooth and all surrounding areas. The 3D Cone Beam scanner provides nearly limitless views of the teeth while using less radiation than traditional medical CT technology. This new technology is fast, simple and painless, providing many wonderful benefits that were unavailable only a few years ago.

Our doctors use this detailed imaging to:

  • Provide additional examination to 2D imaging in high risk situations.
  • Highlight the list of potential risks prior to surgery
  • Obtain very precise information about anatomical relationships
  • Provide the most accurate data to make better decisions and improve surgical outcomes
  • Accurately determine the working length of the tooth when resuming treatment